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 Board Members



Board President/CEO

Tanya Flores, founded Project CHELA along with two compassionate social workers who realized the needs of youth were simple.  They shared in Project CHELA that they want more opportunities to socialize, skills and real life experiences in the community.   Tanya Flores is a social worker, MSW, and mother of four.  She advocates and works with special needs children, teens, families and practitioners.




Vickie Wilson, has volunteered and board member since the inception of Project CHELA.  Her invaluable dedication is over 14 years long.  She is a retired

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she is an advocate for children, families and veterans.  Mrs. Wilson is volunteers for veterans for peace.  She served in the United States Navy and enjoys rescuing grey hounds.  

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Board Member

Chanden survived the jungle, learned life skills and discovered how to enjoy each day.  Some of her accomplishments and associations are: Goodwill Ambassador/ United Nations/ National Ambassador/ Project CHELA & Miss Humanitarian/ Advocate for Veterans & Animal Rights.  



Board Vice President

Aaron Rodriquez, has volunteered with Project CHELA for over 5 years as a staff member.  He assisted in the implementation of volunteer activities, he was able to recruit over 200 volunteers at the local high schools during Earth Day celebrations partnering with Project CHELA.  He holds two master’s degree and teaches at two local public schools.  He is a small business owner and entrepreneur.




Mike Randolph, played for the LA Galaxy.  He gives back by coaching teens on the beach.  He enjoys coaching for a competitive soccer league and has a passion for physical as well as mental fitness.  He began volunteering as a soccer camp coach 10 years ago for Project CHELA.  He ran beach soccer camps, orchestrating physical exercises and encouraging active minds and bodies.  He is now a retired professional soccer player. Mike played among the best, Galaxy, The Blues and The Atlanta Sylver Backs.  He knows what it takes to be healthy and strong.  He is a soccer coach for the Legends Soccer Club in Chino Hills, California.

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