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Our Mission

Our mission is simple,
prevent homelessness among at risk populations (mentally, physically or emotionally challenged) through supporting as well as respecting the whole person, trauma informed, openness to learning new cultures, in psycho-social educational adventures, inclusive of all. 

BOYS Future Men & Father's Program
Our Black and Brown young men require role models for life, mentors, support and will someday become caregivers and fathers.  This is a Parent training designed for BOYS.

Join the " Family Strong" movement, as we lend support to the entire family, a composition of diversity offering supportive events for infants, children, teens and those who care for them.

Regional Center is a great place to request an assessment for your special child, however, Project Chela Sow & Grow is now offering assessments, on-line, our office or in your home.  Assessments include in-home supportive services for infants, children teens and parents.  You are not alone and there is help available.  Call for rates.  

Workshops for Teens

     “Building Life Connections, Connecting to me”,

     “Kindling the Happy Teen Spirit through Music & Art”

     “Taking the Best Care of Me”

     “Living a Positive Life 0 to 20 years”

     “Preventing the Holiday Blues”

     “Work Experience, in the Non-Profit World of Giving”

     “Gardening, Green thumb party”  

     "BOYS Future Men & Father's Project"

                               Education is the key to a successful future.
In each session, workshops focus on Independent Living Skills, Social Skills and opportunities of Giving.  Foster Care teens are forgotten, first, they are older and many do not sympathize with a population that may physically resemble adults.  Next, many of our teens have found themselves, depressed, confused, lost and have made personal mistakes.  Most are angry and distrust others, they lack social skills and are emotionally unavailable.  Some are on probation and must complete community service hours in an effort to give back and complete court ordered service.  
     Project CHELA believes it is fundamental to the growth of the individual to learn to support communities and connect to others on a much deeper level by helping those less fortunate.  They are encouraged to participate in our collaborative efforts feeding the poor at Isaiah’s Rock as well as assist with other projects such as our Garden series.  The “Garden Party”, exercises the self-reliant muscle while addressing other skill building activities.  Students also discover, they themselves are the seedlings to a new family they will create, thus holding the keys to change the future and the cycle of violence.

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