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Children helping each other learn and achieve

Our Health & Wellness Workshops

Mental Wellness


  • Remember who you are 

  • Find a daily miracle

  • Participate in your community 

  • Look for laughter in your life 

  • Stay active 

  • Show off your imagination 

Mental Wellness Prevention 

Treating trauma and focusing on rearing healthy and prepared individuals. 

All workshops include mental wellness in psycho-social groups.


Hungry? Come for the food and stay for Music, Film, Sewing, Tutoring, Biblical Inquiry, Praise, and Worship, etc... 

 zombie apocalypse

Get ready for a zombie apocalypse and test your survival skills with Zombie Tag!  Have fun with all your friends and family fighting off zombies and infecting each other.  Each player wears an electronic Z-tag to participate in the zombie apocalypse.  When you donate $25 to Project CHELA you get one electronic Z-tag to wear, and you get to help us continue providing events and workshops to prevent homelessness among at-risk youth. 

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