Preventing Childhood And Teen


At The Source

Children helping each other learn and achieve

Our Health & Wellness Workshops

Mental Wellness


  • Remember who you are 

  • Find a daily miracle

  • Participate in your community 

  • Look for laughter in your life 

  • Stay active 

  • Show off your imagination 

Mental Wellness Prevention 

Treating trauma and focusing on rearing healthy and prepared individuals. 

All workshops include mental wellness in psycho-social groups.

New Program 

Come Join the movement 

to help families build

connections through

bonding, social

interactions and 

gentle touch 






 zombie apocalypse

Get ready for a zombie apocalypse and test your survival skills with Zombie Tag!  Have fun with all your friends and family fighting off zombies and infecting each other.  Each player wears an electronic Z-tag to participate in the zombie apocalypse.  When you donate $25 to Project CHELA you get one electronic Z-tag to wear, and you get to help us continue providing events and workshops to prevent homelessness among at-risk youth. 

Our Sponsors

Thank You 

St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Upland, CA for your donation 

of personal care items, blankets, bottles and clothing for our  "Hope Bags for homeless Teens" campaign.

Our Partners

Boulder Springs Ranch, Perris

Isaiah's Rock

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