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Treating trauma and focusing on rearing healthy and prepared individuals. 

All workshops include mental wellness in fun, interactive psycho-social groups, educational as well developmentally appropriate sessions.

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  • Remember who you are 

  • Find a daily miracle

  • Participate in your community 

  • Look for laughter in your life 

  • Stay active  

    Family Fun Days

        Celebrating Resiliency
            Day at the Beach
We are Father, Mother, ProjectCHELA FAMILY Strong

Join Us:   Conscious Parenting Practitioner Seminar               
   WINC certification /Learn to Coach Parents/  Infant Massage        

Project CHELA hosting a CIMI Training

November 22 & 23     2-Day seminar  $495        Manual $175


Presenters:  Certified CIMI II International trainers,

Daisy Valdovinos & Tanya Flores, MSW

Need yearly ECE?  Obtain ECE units

Evidenced based techniques.

Created by Andrea Kelley and endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton, PHD

Call (909) 573-6319 

register by e-mail at 


Free Parent Training: Specializing in children with a Challenge
Private classes or in a group.  English Classes November 7, 2022.  Call us or e-mail to find out how to register.

At Project CHELA Sow & Grow, we aim to keeps homes, hearts and hands warm through the use of practical nurturing touch routines, also known as infant massage.  Infant Massage is not a newly invented modality. It is actually an ancestral practice that has been passed on from one generation to the next, across many cultures of the world. Those of us promoting this information are simply helping our communities remember how beneficial this natural resource called TOUCH is.



Project Chela is offering Teen Alternative Wellness Care


Want to volunteer? Join our "Teens On The Scene" fun?  What are our teens up to? 


The Chino Hills High School Project CHELA club, volunteers from Ayala High school and Canyon Hills Junior High School, helped decorate  Hope Bags that were delivered to over 100 homeless brothers and sisters.  Thank you everyone, Ortiz Consulting, Charlie/Mc Bride Rv & Storage in Chino, St. Anthony's, Upland and many more.  Remember our brothers and sisters on the streets/homeless could use a helping hand, give and volunteer in your community.

We are inspiring disabled  children and foster care teens:


Join Project CHELA's call for unity.

"Wake Up"  You have a purpose, and in order for our world to advance we are inspiring our teens to keep the charge alive.  We have not lost time in our  lives but gained a realignment in our thinking and evaluation of what is most important in our lives.  Young people get up and get moving, your life impacts others and  you can  transform this planet to  a

sustainable world!  Join our community, sow your seed for a new world, call to learn how you can plant a tree and join the movement.



Thank You!

St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Upland, CA for your donation 

of personal care items, blankets, bottles and clothing for our  "Hope Bags for homeless Teens" campaign.


CHELA stands for Children Helping Each Other Learn & Achieve


Peer to peer learning

is utilized for the community

by community. 

Project CHELA has continued to organize workshops to empower, inspire, educate and assist youths discover who they are and prepare them for adult life while challenging them to make healthy choices today

Celebrating 20 years of service, and continuing onward. 

Students are

impacted greatly

by their peers.



Preventing Childhood And Teen


At The Source

Supporting the entire family

and or caregivers.

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