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About our non-profit.

Project CHELA was founded by Tanya Flores who worked for many years as a foster care social worker, supervisor, adoption’s social worker and children’s advocate.  She holds a master’s degree in social work.   Mrs. Flores discovered that trauma affects the whole person and most of the children in foster care suffer from mental illness.

"As a child I envisioned a program in which children could find hope, be a child and discover the world as a peaceful place".


Many of our 14 to 18 year old students join Project CHELA to help them find purpose, develop relationships, explore their future and uncover their talents.  Participants are impacted by abuse, neglect, mental illness and trauma.  All workshops are engaging, fun and interactive utilizing experiential methods.  Project CHELA is a non-profit organization and is under the direction of a Board of Directors composed of community members.

In order to impact our teens we are offering services to the entire family, and for those in out of home care and  support teams.

Thank you Staff for sharing your talents with children and families looking for positive solutions.

We are sending a special shout out to "Jennifer".

Congratulations with your yoga certification and thank you for being

an awesome Infant Educator.

Thank you families for joining our special events and sharing your homes with Project CHELA.

Mrs Flores.png

Tanya Flores, Founder/CEO


  • Life Adventures for Teens in the real world

  • Anger Management/ Violence Prevention

  • Alternative Equine Therapy

  • The Garden Party/Volunteer

  • Encourage GED/High School Diploma

  • BOYS Men Future Father's Project



Sow & Grow

A specialized developmental program for 0-5 year-olds and their families.  

Disabilities do not define or limit abilities or

future.  Mindful play, sets the course

to learning and growing in a natural


Sensory Gardens

Learn in our sensory gardens how to

explore, live well, learn and grow for

the child in you, 0-80 and beyond.

Bringing mental wellness to all communities.  Growing healing

organic experiences to develop and make real life connections. 

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