Treating trauma and focusing on rearing healthy and prepared individuals. 

All workshops include mental wellness in psycho-social groups.

  • Remember who you are 

  • Find a daily miracle

  • Participate in your community 

  • Look for laughter in your life 

  • Stay active 

  • Show off your imagination 

New Program 

Come Join the movement to help families build connections through bonding, social interactions and gentle touch 







Project Chela is offering on-line academic fun;


Want to volunteer? Join our "Teens On The Scene" fun?  What are our teens up to? 


The Chino Hills High School Project CHELA club, volunteers from Ayala High school and Canyon Hills Junior High School, helped decorate  Hope Bags that were delivered to over 100 homeless brothers and sisters.  Thank you everyone, Ortiz Consulting, Charlie/Mc Bride Rv & Storage in Chino, St. Anthony's, Upland and many more.  Remember our brothers and sisters on the streets/homeless could use a helping hand, give and volunteer in your community.

We are inspiring our incarcerated and foster care teens:


Join the letter writing campaign and call to action.

"Wake Up"  You have a purpose, and in order for our world to advance we are inspiring our teens to keep the charge alive.  We have not lost 2020 but gained a realignment in our thinking and evaluation of what is most important in our lives.  Young people get up and get moving, you are the movement that will lead to sustainability!



Thank You!

St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Upland, CA for your donation 

of personal care items, blankets, bottles and clothing for our  "Hope Bags for homeless Teens" campaign.

CHELA stands for Children Helping Each Other Learn & Achieve


Peer to peer learning

is utilized for the community

by community. 

Project CHELA has continued to organize workshops to empower, inspire, educate and assist youths discover who they are and prepare them for adult life while challenging them to make healthy choices today

Celebrating 17 years of service, and continuing onward. 

Students are

impacted greatly

by their peers.



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